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Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus è una delle ultime nate in casa Wanhao. Le sue caratteristiche tecniche sono simili a quelle della versione duplicator i3 V2.1, ma in questa versione l’alimentatore e la parte logica sono integrate nel corpo macchina. Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus - Cura Settings. Submitted by cliff on Thu, 29/03/2018 - 15:10. UPDATE January 7th 2020: Recent Cura 4.x has a builtin template for the wanhao duplicator i3 plus which works fine for me. I recently acquired a Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus 3D printer. 13/05/2018 · Cura printing profiles and machine settings for Wanhao i3 v.2.1 3d printer - roosta/wanhao-i3-cura-profiles. Does anyone have successfully configured the "Wanhao Duplicator i3 Mini" to work with the Software "Ultimaker Cura"? A profile for the larger version "Duplicator i3" is preconfigured under the name "Prusa i3", but there is no such profile for the Mini. The official homepage of Wanhao.

04/12/2018 · Posted December 4, 2018 · [Cura 3.6.0] Wanhao Duplicator i3 wrong machine settings Well, all 3d party printers are contributed one way or another. We don't actually have the machines, so they don't get tested by Ultimaker in any way. 21/12/2017 · Thingiverse Groups Wanhao Printer Owners General Simplify3D profiles for the i3. Simplify3D profiles for the i3. Please Login to Comment. I've been successfully using Cura for a couple of months, but I'm trying to use Simplify3D at the moment, and I'm a little puzzled by the default settings for the i3. 31/12/2019 · Evening chaps. I've just finished replacing some parts and installing some addons I had printed previously on my Wanhao I3 V2. I replaced the parts gradually over a week due to some parts arriving later than others and everything was working fine until the few last rounds of replacements and I can't quite figure out the cause. The i3 has a profile built into Cura 2.x.x. Go through the menu to add a printer and select Prusa i3. That is the printer the WanHao i3 is modeled after and the Cura defaults will work perfectly for your printer. Source: Did the same thing with the same printer.

16/01/2018 · Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus. Fri Dec 16, 2016 4:01 am. Looking to see if anyone has this printer working and would be interested in sharing their profile. Thanks in advance. I have i3 Plus and had a fair share of problem initially to make it print with Simplify3d but now it work well. Cura machine settings for wanhao i3 v2.1 Showing 1-5 of 5 messages. Cura machine settings for wanhao i3 v2.1: nadim.@:. Any word on when Wanhao will update Cura to the latest version? I am still happy with using the 16 version, it is also working just fine for me.

WANHAO Duplicator i3 Plus has 4,683 members. This group is for discussion and all things related to the i3 Plus desktop 3D printer from Wanhao. Come. Duplicator i3 Factory Documentation & Files. heath March 1, 2016 Comments Off on Duplicator i3 Factory Documentation & Files. We’ve tried to gather all of the documentation that Wanhao has included with the printer. – Wanhao’s profile used on their sample prints. Repitier-Host Wanhao Duplicator i3 Software. The Duplicator i3 is gcode-based which means that there are a variety of software programs that can be used to control and operate your printer. We recommend Repetier-Host for it's easy to use interface and opensource background. 13/07/2015 · My new Wanhao i3 will be arriving in about a week and I was wondering about configuring Simplify to work properly with it. From what I've hear this printer has moved a lot of units during the pre-sale, so hopefully there will be some advanced users who figure out the best settings fairly quickly and share with the community. Below is our Wanhao Parts Department broken down by colors. Orange is iGUS Bearings for the 3 series. Carbon Fiber is mods parts for the 3 series. Green is accessories parts for all series. Purple is the 3 series. Yellow is the 4 series. Gray is the 5 series. Red is the 6 series. All series are below. If you do not.

06/08/2018 · I also have the Wanhao Duplicator i3. Currently using Cura and it gives great results. They recommend that you print using the SD card. And I have had great results. The prints are done with PLA using 215 ext and 65 bed since I modified it to glass. It sticks great with Hairspray. WANHAO Duplicator i3 plus Mark II, Cocoon Create Touch. Profile files for Cura. In an attempt to improve my prints, I tried to use the supplied cura profiles to slice the parts, but the results have been terrible, with stringing and missing plastic.

Wanhao USA Releases Their Newest 3D Printer, the Duplicator i3 PLUS. As the desktop 3D printing market in Europe and North America slightly wavers between success and failure, the companies conquering this emerging technology in Asia have painted a clear picture. I would like to acquire a general use printer profile for the Monoprice Maker Select v2/Wanhao Duplicator i3. A good clean description would be a plus! If you have one, please consider posting your printer profile. You can either post th. SPECIFICATIONS Max printable area 202018cm Packing size 504830cm Filament diameter/light 1.75mm Max printing speed 70mm/s Accuracy X 0.012mm Y 0.012mm Z 0.004mm Bed leveling Auto bed leveling Material support PLA, PVA, PEVA, PLA Extruder system MK10 extruder with full metal hot end Software CURA, host by Repitat. Consultare utili recensioni cliente e valutazioni per Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus Stampante 3D su. Consultare recensioni obiettive e imparziali sui prodotti, fornite dagli utenti. WANHAO i3 Plus. Case Material Powder Coated Steel. Extruder MK10 Single-Extruder. Software Repetier/CURA /Simplify 3D. File Type Gcode. File Format.stl. Demo Videos. Wanhao Duplicator i3 3D printer printing, first prototype printing. Valid for production! Wanhao Duplicator i3 3D printer printing, first prototype printing. Valid for production!

Like almost all Wanhao 3D printers, The i3 Mini uses an easy access open material system, which means you are not limited to certain types of brands, you can have your choice of materials. Filament is not in proprietary cartridges or awful spools marked with NFC tags which generally cost 3 or 4 times that of standard market materials. admin August 1, 2017 Comments Off on Wanhao Cura Edition with MyMinifactory. Wanhao just released a beta to the Wanhao Cura Edition 2 We’re excited to announce the collaboration between WANHAO and MYMINIFACTORY,. 2016 Comments Off on Wanhao I3 Plus Firmware Description. is the UK's official Wanhao dealer. We supply all Duplicator 4 3D printers and parts to the UK at unbeatable prices, through our UK online shop/. The Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus now has automatic bed leveling, a special print surface for better adhesion and a touchscreen display. Biggest disadvantage is that the software seems to be compatible with Windows & Linux only.

With great efforts from everybody of WANHAO 3D Printer team, WANHAO start oversea 3D printer supplying since Aug 8th 2012. After accumulating 6 months experience in China local retail market, WANHAO has gathered good experience in manufacturing 3D printing Robot and after sales service. POWERED BY WANHAO DUPLICATOR I3 PLUS. POWERED BY WANHAO. 3D Printer. In case you purchase from WANHAO distributor, your. that can cause injury. Never reach inside of the 3D Printer while it is in operation, and allow time for the printer to cool down after operation. For people having i3 as their first 3D printer: Cura paramters Showing 1-33 of 33 messages. For people having i3 as their first 3D printer: Cura paramters:. A bit unfortunate that the official Cura guide from Wanhao does not mention these parameters at all, e.g. that you need to change them from the default. Actually. WANHAO I3 PLUS 3d printer Metal frame and LCD $ 475.20 WANHAO upgraded I3 PLUS FDM 3d printer with printing size 200200180mm with touchable.

Cura Extruder Settings Monoprice Maker Select Plus Next up is the “Extruder” settings tab. For my Monoprice Maker Select Plus Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus, the Cura extruder settings are: Nozzle size – 0.4 mm – taken from my printer’s documentation.

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